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Exotic Weekend - Athens 2020

About us

Exotic weekend is a project born by two women Anna and Chrisa . Both they have knowledge and Experience about exotic pole dancing ! Exotic Dance is a unique fitness routine that puts the spark back into your exercise regime, builds your confidence , boosts your spirits and transform your body ! It’s the best way to improve your flexibility strength , balanace and sexuality .

Chrisa Grigoratou

Chrisa Grigoratou

Anna Antony

Anna Antony



10.00-11.30 Flexibility - ANNA ANTONY

11.30-13.30 Exotic Elements - OLGA SPEZIA

13.30-15.30 Hair N’ Heels - VIKA

15.30-17.30 Exotic Flow - KAYA BLOOM

17.30-19.30 All the Grips Tricks - SECRET GUEST

19.30-21.30 Exotic Slow Flow - VIKA


10.00-11.30 Flexotic - ANNA ANTONY

11.30-13.00 Exotic Tricks - KAYA BLUM

13.30-15.00 Feel The Music - VIKA

15.30-17.00 Russia Exotic Flow - OLGA SPEZIA

17.30-19.00 Endless Point Flow - SECRET GUEST

19.30-21.00 Sexual Legs - KAYA BLUM

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Vika is an exotic pole dancer from Russia. She is one of the leading representatives of exotic pole dance in Russia. She ‘s currently teaching in St.Petersburg. Vika has a unique style of exotic, that is varius: from slow flow to dynamic dances. She has about 5 years of teaching experience.
Kaya Blum


Kaya Blum Pole Dance Studio, she is a certified pole dance instructor. Teacher of varius programs and Pole Dance Workshops, Exotic Pole and Strip plastic. Choreographer and director of many competitions and events.
Secret Instructor


Secret Instructor is a Pole Dancer based in Athens, Greece. She is a certified pole dance- flexibility instructor and certified POSA judge. She has about 7 years teaching experience and has participated in many competitions around the world. Her exotic style is powerful combination with strong flexy moves.
Olga Spezia


Olga is an international Pole Dancer, Exotic Pole Dance, Strip Plastic instructor choreographer, performer judge. She was born in Russia where she started pole dance in 2012. Currently living in Zurich Switzerland. So far Olga has travelled to more than 25 countries to teach her workshops to students around the world.
Anna Antony


Anna is a Pole Dancer since 2015. She has travelled around the world and has participated in plenty workshops about flexibility, pole dancing and calisthenic. She is also the winner of Pole Theatre Greece 2018. Her style is very feminine exotic style.

All You Need To Know Terms & conditions

After your registration you’ll receive an email by Flying Flow Pole Studio with the bank account information . The payment will be made by bank transfer to a Greek bank account . After successful deposit of the amount your booking will be confirmed via email.

You have the right to cancel your participation till 31 August. The amount will completely refund within 10 days after cancellation.

In case of cancellation of the event by any below reasons : fire, explosion, adverse weather conditions, flood, earthquake, failure of energy sources or transport network, terrorism, riot, civil commotion, war, hostilities, strikes, work stoppages, slow-downs, or other industrial disputes, accidents, riots or civil disturbances, acts of government, lack of power, non-performance or delays by suppliers or materials shortages.
The Exotic Weekend will apologize to participants & refund all the amount of workshops that they have booked .